Writing about the special dogs and cats I’ve had in my life brings meaning to my world. Let it bring meaning to you, too. Young readers will be entertained as they imagine the world through the eyes of animals. I also throw in a little bit of my own experiences when young and believe me, I really do remember that far back in time!

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A Dog’s Bucket List stars Nike, an abandoned dog who, after finding his forever home, makes an unusual list of things he wants to do. Be a flying squirrel? A detective? A skydiver? No problem! With this entertaining chapter book, Nike tells the quirky tales of how he tosses each completed goal into his big red bucket.

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I want kids who read A Dog’s Bucket List to laugh! And hopefully they will be inspired to make their own bucket lists, challenging themselves to think of things they want to do in their lives. Maybe the items on their lists won’t be terribly exciting (some of Nike’s aren’t), but the process will teach kids that they can reach out and try new things.

On my blog, A Bucket Full of Tales, I write about adopting pets, grieving for a pet, what it’s like to volunteer at an animal shelter, and the special animals I’ve had in my life. I also delve into the writing process, as well as the items on my own bucket list.

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Where Are the Candy Bars is a funny, yet sensitive, dramatization of an experience I had in grade school. When her classmates discover that she has a real-live speech impediment, an embarrassed Parker agrees to see a speech therapist. After a summer of word and spelling games, the therapist gives her the final test: Walk up to a cafeteria employee and ask, “Where are the candy bars?” Find out whether Parker completes this overwhelming task.

The fact that I can still remember the embarrassment of not being able to say “R” can assure you that I understand some of what kids with speech impediments endure. Each of us has our own experiences and emotions but with the cute illustrations of Parker added to my experience, I hope my story will help somebody to persevere.